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Hello everyone!

This is a place for me to share new information and photos with the family.  When I discover information which I believe might be of interest to family, I may send an email briefly describing the discovery...otherwise, I will keep my NEWS LINK as updated as I can. 

I hope you enjoy reading about the explorations and seeing the new stuff about our family history!

Why "The Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree"?  Because Dockstader is my Father's family name, and Wegert is my Mom's. 

Currently, my tree includes over 31,000 individuals and over 8400 marriages.  All of the relationships are not "proved", but it acts as a researched framework to start from and gives one a sense of the direction the tree is headed.  I have also explored and included branches in my tree where the extended family names are of no direct relation to me, but because there was a connection there somewhere, they certainly make it interesting and informational.

If you wish to see a complete list of the family names in my tree, you may use the link to the Online Version of the tree on the "FAMILY TREE" button on the left.


The Latest?

I recently purchased an add-on piece of software, "Family Book Creator" in 2017 which uses data from his tree and compiles that data into book form.  The new software can, in a few minutes, create a book for any person in his tree.  The generated book may not have the subtle nuances of a hand-written book, but it presents the data in a format which is easy to understand and pleasing to the eye.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed with all the information…the family’s Who, What, Where, and When…with visual aids. Smiles.

I am in the process of taking requests from family to have a book dedicated to anyone in the family.  I have already created about a dozen books useing the software.  It's AMAZING!

I  finished my family history/cookbook:  "Wegert Family and Friends Cookbook and History" in 2014.  The digital printing in full-color is wonderful!  There are over over 85,000 words...and hundreds of photos...many in full-color.   I printed and hand-bound the book myself.

The book charts My Mother's (non-Mormon) side of the family.  This Wegert branch of the family tree proved to be the harder of the two to research.  The Wegert branch of the tree did not offer the concise records of the ancestors as did my Father's side, the Mormon branch of my Family Tree.

Originally, my question of how to share my genealogy discoveries gave rise to the idea of a small family cookbook with some family history mixed in.  The project soon became the reverse--a family history with some recipes mixed in.  Several years, thousands of hours, and over 85,000 words later, the book has 480 pages of family tree charts, maps, and copies of family documents.  The many stories and memories contributed by family bring you closer to that history. 

 If you agree with the Chinese Proverb, “One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words”, then you would be happy with the book's visuals.  The book is rich with over 1250 annotated family photos.  There are names for all the faces! 

 The book also honors the family members who have served their country in the military with individual special recognition given to those few who gave their lives in that service. 

My book is available in a hand-bound version.  I printed 60 copies, but I only have two copies left of this first printed edition.  I also made the book available in a PDF version.  The PDF file is about 80 Mb in size and is available for download.  I could also put it on a thumb drive or DVD if you wished.  Anyone interested?  Email me for the details.

My DNA Tests

I have also posted my AncestryDNA and 23andMe DNA results.
You may see that information here...
DNA Results


Celebrity Connections

I have discovered some celebrities in the tree, with dozens of them confirmed by my DNA test results.
See them here...

My Connections


Family War Heroes

Some of our family Heroes are honored at these links...


Paul David Derby Memorial
Paul was a Wisconsin F4 Phantom pilot, shot down and killed in Vietnam.


Earl Nelson Peronto Memorial
Earl was an Engineer/bombardier in a B-17 during WWI.
His plane was shot down and he was eventually a POW in the
same Stalag where, a couple week prior to his arrival,
we  saw"The Great Escape".


William Henry Avery Memorial
William was a Sergeant who survived Utah Beach, but was later killed
in the Battle of the Hürtgen forest.


Larry Claude Swanson Memorial
Larry served on a "War Brides Ship" at the end of WWII.


Larry Edward Swanson Vietnam Service
Larry was an MP later assigned as a Huey Door Gunner in Vietnam.




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