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My Secret Garden



The sun was coming through the trees with such a strange color that morning.






Jerry Dean Swanson


 Let's take a walk through My Secret Garden.

Follow me...




This is a drawing I made of most of the yard.  Almost looks like a getaway plan, eh?  It's kinda rough, but most of the trees, shrubs and stuff are in the right places...and it gives you a good idea of where we will be walking.

Here is a aerial video of the house and gardens...as seen from a flying drone...

Bailey and Alice Swanson
Our garden advisors...Bailey and Alice

Our Garden Walk will also take you through the the seasons...

This is entering the second driveway.
Our Garden Walk, as shown on the map, starts here.

Garden Walk
Alice and Bailey
Garden Walk
The fence is lined on both sides with several rows of Day Lilies.  I am adding three more rows this year and that means even LESS mowing!

Secret Garden Walk
The Hosta garden is on the left...
Here you may see some of my lawn-to-garden conversion...a work-in-progress.

Garden Walk
Getting closer to the house.
There are paths inviting you to enter on the left, but we keep going straight.
Bottle Wall
Bottle Wall

Bottle Wall
My New Bottle Wall with 200 Bottles

Bottle Wall

Only two rules for all who visit my gardens:
1.  Try not to step on anything green.
2.  See a weed and pick it up...and all the day you'll have good luck.

Weeding the garden is my therapy...


A Weed is a Flower in the Wrong Place
 by Ian Emberson

A weed is a flower in the wrong place,
a flower is a weed in the right place,
if you were a weed in the right place
you would be a flower;
but seeing as you’re a weed in the wrong place
you’re only a weed –
its high time someone pulled you out.

Although I did my Master Gardener training in Green Lake, WI, I am proud to say I received most of my garden education from my Mother!

I was a little late in getting my Morning Glory's started...but they still look pretty!  They will be nice next year!

butteryellow.JPG (60220 bytes)
Early in the summer, it's backed by lots
of very bright yellow buttercups.
They're SO Yellow!

Some Fall decorations!

Crooked Bottle Tree
Crooked Bottle Tree

The whisky barrel has a tower of red and white Impatiens.

Garden Walk
And now...back up to the house...

Garden Walk
67" Christmas Bottle Tree

Garden Walk
This leads us over to the main driveway...along the front of the house.

Garden Walk
The raised gardens on the left have a variety of Hosta and Pulmanaria,
as well as two cranes.

When we purchased the property in 1993, the landscaping consisted of seven small shrubs along the front of the 750 square-foot Chalet-styled A-frame.  We added on to the house and went to work on the gardens.  One of my goals...More room for the flowers and less room for the grass. 

Needless to say...my gardens are a labor-of-love!  They are very informal, but they do have many cozy places to sit and enjoy the plants and the view.

Garden Walk
So...I received my green thumb from my Mother...Marilyn J Schanel.
You should see HER gardens...Nine of her twenty acres are flower gardens.  This photo shows only a small corner of her gardens.

Gardens, 2017

Garden Walk
On the right...more of my lawn-to-garden project.


That gazing ball is 14 inches in diameter.

Garden Walk
And on your right...looking down the main driveway...

Garden Walk

Dancing Cranes
Can you see the Invisible Creatures?
Two Dancing Cranes.


 The main driveway to the house...

84-inch Christmas Bottle Tree
84" Christmas Bottle Tree
68" Wide
264 Green Bottles
112 ft. Blue LED Lights
Over 1500 welds
Total Weight about 500 lbs.






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